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NYSRPS is pleased to share an exciting opportunity for leisure services and recreation management majors to find appropriate internships in the areas of focus they would like to serve across New York State. Students gain useful hands on knowledge and experience serving while agencies have the opportunity to mentor and develop future leaders in recreation. Internships prove to be a mutually beneficially and rewarding experience.

Departments may contact NYSRPS to be included in our upcoming listing of internship opportunities. Prospective interns will be able to reach out to these departments to see exactly the areas of study the department has available. Interested in developing your own internship program? Stay tuned! More information will be coming soon to assist you with hosting your own intern program.

Programs of concentration include:

Park Management

Outdoor Recreation

Program Management

Dept. Administration

Senior Citizen Services




“Internship programs in the Parks and Recreation field are invaluable; both for the intern and the host agency. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of hosting interns from various collegiate institutions and in a number of capacities. Each and every one of those experiences has proved unique and beneficial. We look at the internship experience as an involved cross-mentorship, providing a real-life work setting that foster’s growth and education for the intern as well as our organization.

It is our hope to better our organizational operations and efficiency while preparing the intern for the next step in their professional journey. A high rate of our very own interns have since secured full-time positions at various parks and recreation agencies and many of the full-time staff we have hired over the years have come from an effective internship program in the field. Just like other networking opportunities, we value and welcome interns whenever possible because in reality, we see the future leaders of our profession in them.”   -Thomas Venniro, Town of Parma, Hilton-Parma Parks and Recreation Director


“Not only did my internship with Hilton-Parma Recreation help me obtain valuable work experience in the field, it allowed me to network and become more involved with other recreation professionals around the county. Given the foundation gained from this experience; networking and staying connected even after my internship led me to landing a full-time position with Hilton-Parma several years afterwards.” 

-Kathleen Laskey, Town of Parma, Hilton-Parma Parks and Recreation, Recreation Assistant


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