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Student Memberships sponsored by MUSCO

The New York State Recreation & Park Society would like to thank Musco Lighting for their generous offer to partner with NYSRPS in a campaign to raise awareness for the importance of student memberships.

In an unprecedented move, Musco Lighting has offered to underwrite half of the cost of new student memberships for the first 100 new students to join NYSRPS in 2020.
Longtime Musco representative and friend, Don Rhuda, said that Eric Bacon’s President's Note in our January newsletter really moved him. In his note, Eric shared the importance of belonging to a professional society, and the opportunities he personally experienced as a student–thanks to NYSRPS.

Musco understands the value of our organization and wants to do all they can do to encourage new students to join and realize the benefits of belonging to a professional society.

With Musco’s offer, a new student joining NYSRPS can enjoy an annual membership ($35) at a 50% discount, paying only $17.50.

For colleges able to join as a Small or Large Student Chapter, the price per student is $15.
A Small Student Chapter (seven students plus one faculty member) pays only $120.
A Large Student Chapter (fourteen students plus one faculty member) pays only $225.
Be one of the 100 students to take advantage of this offer!
Become a member today:

Register Here
To save, use promo codes:
MUSCO4US (individual student)
MUSCO4US1 (Small Student Chapter)
MUSCO4US2 (Large Student Chapter)


Eric Bacon's inspiring note:

Happy New Year! I hope you had a happy and fun-filled holiday season.

With the start of the New Year, I would like to spend some time focusing on the future. The future of our profession that is- Students! In New York state we are fortunate to have some of the finest schools in the country that offer Recreation related degrees. By producing solid graduates, many of the professionals across the state are byproducts of these outstanding programs. In order to continue the high level of parks and recreation services that are expected by residents we need to continue the relationship between students, universities and communities. I believe NYSRPS is an excellent conduit to help accomplish this.

I remember years ago as an undergraduate being required to become a member of NYSRPS. I also recall being very resentful of this requirement as I did not have money to do my laundry much less come up with money to join an organization I knew nothing about. Although this no longer can be required, I truly believe at least for me, that one of the best things I ever did professionally was become a member of the Society. I met people and developed contacts that I never would have made without becoming a member. In addition to meeting new people, I increased my opportunities to add to my education outside the classroom by attending both local and state conferences. Membership allowed me to apply for scholarships and to include professional membership on my limited resume. Membership in NYSRPS was one of the best professional investments I ever made and I believe it would be for you too.

"How dEric Bacono you get started?" First you can become a member by visiting the NYSRPS website. A student membership is only $35. The next great opportunity is to attend the NYSRPS conference in Syracuse from April 15-17. The conference is filled with opportunities for networking, educational sessions and fun. The future is now. I would encourage you to become involved as I truly believe it is a solid investment in your future and profession. We value you and would love to meet you!
Eric A. Bacon, MS, CPRE, CPR
NYSRPS President

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