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In The Beginning...

In 1940 the New York State Recreation & Park Society was born in White Plains, NY when a small group of dedicated park and recreation professionals joined together to form a union of park protectors. United in purpose these representatives from areas across the northeast region understood the power of collective effort and the impact of working together as one voice. In 1960 this group formally incorporated and is what we now know as NYSRPS.


The New York State Recreation & Park Society (NYSRPS) is the principal organization advancing the value of parks, recreation, and leisure services through professional development of its members and citizen engagement.


NYSRPS has served the leisure service industry for 80 years as an independent, nonprofit, public interest, professional membership

association dedicated to the following:

  • To function in such a manner as will further the interests of the leisure service movement, its professionals and leaders in voluntary, public, private, and commercial agencies.
  • To promote principles and standards for the improvement of leisure services and to encourage studies and research in professional relations.
  • To affiliate for our mutual benefit and cooperation on local, state, and national levels, and with those organizations in similar or related fields.
  • To educate the public in regard to the principles and goals of the leisure service industry.
  • To assist in the advancement of the leisure services, recreation and parks, and environmental conservation fields.
  • To study legislation pertaining to the leisure services and further that legislation which is in the public’s best interest.
  • To provide opportunities for professional growth of individuals employed in the leisure service industry.
  • To develop a public awareness of the necessity of recreation as a vital part of life.
  • To stimulate a widening interest in leisure services in local communities and statewide through conservation and development of leisure resources.
  • To create, nurture and sustain an inclusive culture, where differences are celebrated, thus driving the creation of innovative programs and services to meet the needs of our members, participants and employees.
  • To celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion of healthy people and healthy communities through a variety of programs and services. 
  • NYSRPS will guarantee our success by uniting our members, while celebrating and encouraging our many differences among us. 
  • We will strive to be the best stewards and spokesperson for our profession by ensuring we promote activities, initiatives and open spaces that unite and promote participation from those of all backgrounds and experiences. We will lead with an openness to change, when needed.

The Society is comprised of over 600 New York State Recreation and Park professionals spanning from Long Island to Niagara Falls, Lake Placid to New York City. Members have access to a wide range of programs and services to improve their skills as recreation providers. To best deliver upon the mission of NYSRPS, the Society is focused on key areas, our "Core Services".

Core Services:

  • Professional Development: To promote educational, professional certification, and networking opportunities; best practices; and resources.
  • Membership Development and Services: To provide quality services and benefits which attract, engage, and retain members and are responsive to their needs.
  • Public Policy Development: To raise awareness and support the advancement of parks, recreation, and leisure services by advocating for local, state, and national policy issues and interests.
  • Public Awareness: To develop and implement methods of communication that inform and promote the value of parks, recreation, and leisure services.
  • Resource Development: To maintain and develop resources that support and sustain the society.

New York State Recreation & Park Society  501 C3 Not-for-Profit Organization

19 Roosevelt Drive, Suite 200 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

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